About GitStorage

Git has become the premier revision control and collaboration system for developing code. It has replaced systems like CVS and software powerhouses such as Microsoft have successfully adapted it.

On the git client side, a number of clients give users a good choice of tools that fit their needs, depending on what tools, programming language or operating system they use or just what personal preferences they have. Thanks to the way git works, there are practically no problems using any git client with any git server.

On the git server side, there are several solutions in the cloud that have seen great success. We see as a main driver for this development unprecedented possibilities in developing open source in global teams on the one side and convenience on the other side. Teams that store their code in the cloud don't have to spend time on installing software, and they don't have to worry about having to backup their repositories.

However, many companies are reluctant to store their code in the cloud for various reasons. The terms of service may provide access to private repositories under certain circumstances, with or without notifying customers. This is a show stopper for companies with strict data storage rules. Other companies simply have a problem paying monthly for storing repositories in the cloud, considering the overall costs over several years.

We believe that the git ecosystem has grown big enough to offer a customer premise-based solution. What we are trying to do with gitstorage is combining the main benefits of the cloud with the benefits of an on-premise solution. That means we want to combine the convenience of the cloud, however, provide the security of the on-premises solution. We want to make it as simple to handle a git repository as it is in the cloud. This includes access logs, useful metadata, email alerts and as many of the features that are available in a cloud solution. At the same time, we want the customers to run the service on their own premises, using their own passwords without us being involved. Our business model is to sell a product, not a service.

The gitstorage appliance is easy to deploy even in tiny offices that don't operate any servers. Especially for companies that have little experience in operating Linux servers; this makes it easy to move repositories on a git server.